Buckwheat & Hemp Bread Mix


Need really good bread? We have the perfect solution! Our totally delicious Tasmanian Buckwheat & Hemp Bread Mix that you can bake at home. We also bake this bread nearly every day so we know the recipe works. Packed with hemp, pumpkin, sunflower and chia,  the final result is a crusty seeded bread that toasts crunchy, is totally amazing covered in cheese and air fried until the cheese is slightly browning and bubbling… just let it cool down a little before diving in.

Our bread can also be sliced thinly if you want it that way and holds together beautifully for sandwiches it’s easy to make, and can be made by hand (bowl and wooden spoon comes to mind) if you don’t have a stand mixer and, it requires no kneading!

Packed with goodness, easy to make, and comes with full instructions.

Weight 500 g