Modo Mio Naked
Modo Mio Naked

Modo Mio Naked of course, started in my kitchen, listening to the radio and Frank Sinatra came on singing ‘I did it my way’. I was working on a batch of brownies which had taken at least 6 attempts of tweaking the recipe until I thought it was ready to be put before my tasting panel who had kindly volunteered their chocoholic taste buds. Modo Mio translated from Italian is ‘My Style’, the Naked element is all about taking food to a new level of delicious without the use of preservatives, artificial additives or flavourings.

Modo Mio Naked Brownies are made to order, from scratch, using the best local ingredients available. The organic spelt flour used is grown and stone ground locally on the North West Coast of Tasmania, we use local free range eggs, the butter is also made locally in Spreyton. Customer feedback has been astounding and the result is a magnificent, decadent chocolate experience which resulted in 2 Gold and 1 Silver Medal from the Hobart Fine Food Awards! And we didn’t stop there, we entered 6 flavours into the Sydney Fine Food Awards 2014 and came away with Champion, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

We have also been compared to many brownies, including Jamie Oliver’s and as one of our fans said: ‘I was at Woolies tonight and they were giving out samples of Jamie Oliver's chocolate brownies. So I thought I'd better try them. Boy was I disappointed! They were crumbly and not very chocolatety at all. I know I've been spoilt by your brownies, but sorry Jamie, you didn't even come close!’

Try them for yourself, you really won’t be disappointed....

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Available Flavours

  • Death by Chocolate
  • Dark Orange Chocolate
  • White Raspberry Chocolate
  • Tassie Whisky & Dark Chocolate
  • Christmas Rum & Dark Chocolate
  • Frangelico & Tassie Hazelnut
  • Salted Caramel Fudge
  • Mixed Box’s – get a selection of our favourite flavours

Current Locations

Harvest Launceston – every Saturday 8.30am to 12.30pm, keep an eye on our face book page for updates and specials! Or if you just want one piece....

  • Spreyton Bakery
  • Crowded Lounge – Latrobe
  • Waterfront Cafe - Devonport
  • Vice Coffee – Devonport
  • Trickies Kitchen – Devonport
  • Forth Village Store
  • Hill Street – Latrobe
  • Hill Street – Devonport
  • Burger got Soul – Devonport
  • Davies Grand Central – Launceston
  • Tea Bar – Launceston
  • Zum Bakery – North Hobart
  • Bentwood Coffee - Hobart
  • Makers Workshop – Burnie
  • UTAS cafe’s (Tas wide)
  • IGA’s
  • David Jones Melbourne CBD food hall

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  • 0405 625 032


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